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Temple Ball Hash


28 grams


Hazier glossy outside with a lighter red-earthy colored inside. Small pieces of plant as well as human issue blended in. (Buddhist Matter!)


Sweet mint with a delicate eucalyptus before it is scorched. In the wake of consuming, a more extravagant aroma fills the air and hangs intensely loaning to genuine contact highs for our companions who were not smokin’ yet only tryin’ to hang with us!


A spot ol skool dull with a grill flava blended in for optimism. I was drinking solid mint tea which truly tangled with this flav. Maybe next time i’ll have a lemonade or something citrus to adjust the “flame broiled” taste.


Causes you to ask things multiple times… all things considered, at any rate that is the thing that Native K did! I offered him a similar dumb response everytime! There is a glad, content inclination that comes over you went with decent visuals with “delicate” edges; not all that fresh as a portion of the weeds I had smoked before in the week.

By and large

A decent lively dark hash! Not stuff for those prepared to rest, else you’ll get yourself twitchin’ out, conscious around evening time, with no place to go except for your thoughts…. weighty reasoning!

Temple Ball Hash