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Malana Elephant Hash


Malana Elephant Hash is a legendary AAAA+ import hash sourced from one of hash’s motherlands, the Indian subcontinent. Coming from an ancient Indian village called Malana, virtually every cannabis product originates in this one tiny, tiny location. The first product is what distinguishes Malana Elephant hash. The landrace strains developed in Malana and the adjacent valleys are recognised for having naturally high THC levels and resin glands that are larger than typical. The growers behind this product begin by pressing their hash with fresh or live plants rather than dried or cured material, resulting in a more aromatic and flavorful smoke in the end. This hash’s sweet, peppery, and woody flavours, combined with its gummy texture, make it an easy choice for us! Simply sprinkle some into a bowl, roll it into a joint, or consume it traditionally with a hookah and unwind!

Malana Elephant Hash
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