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Lebanese Playboy Hash


The illustrious Lebanese Playboy Hash is a homegrown treasure that takes its name and flavour profile directly from one of the “motherlands” of hash. It’s possible that hash is easy to come by in many parts of the Middle East, but in places like North America, it’s very impossible to find good hash. We have looked in many different places in order to be able to supply our consumers with a wider variety of excellent hash choices. Our AAA+ Lebanese Playboy Hash is made right here in beautiful British Columbia using only the highest quality AAA+ flowers that have been plucked from them. Hash makers from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, where farmers have been employing the same dry-aging and processing procedures for hundreds of years, serve as a source of inspiration for local producers. Local products receive their name from these traditional hash makers. This precise method yields hash with a light hue, smoke that is not harsh, and a tasting profile that is full-bodied.

Lebanese Playboy Hash
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