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Kerala Gold Hash Balls


Kerala Gold Hash Balls are a common variety of hashish found among the wealthier classes in India and the countries nearby. They were originally used as currency but are today valued for their purity and as a medical and recreational cannabis product. They have been carefully cultivated for many millennia in the Himalayan areas of India and Nepal. The Kerala Gold, or Idukki Gold strain (also known as Mahadevan or Neela Chadayan), which is a strain endemic to the Kerala or Idukki state of southern India, is used to make these hash balls, as the name may imply. One of the highest grade cannabis strains found in Asia, it is recognized as a miracle variety that yields the best hash in the hemisphere. These distinctive hashish balls are entirely handmade, but before these lovely nuggets can be produced, growers must manually harvest kief and carefully remove unwanted plant material to ensure purity, quality, and a true cannabis concentrate free of byproducts. These balls must cure after being rolled out in order to age and develop in flavor, much like how Westerners age whiskey or excellent cognac. This process can take upwards of months. This imported AAAA+ hashish brings to mind North America’s pre-1990 golden period of hash, when high-quality hash from the Netherlands and the Middle East was more widely available. The tastes of Kerala Gold Hash balls are comparable to the strain from which they are derived; consumers will be enthralled by a rich, earthy flavor with hints of Indian Mahogany wood and a delicate creaminess.

Kerala Gold Hash Balls
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