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Charas Temple Hash Balls


Temple Balls are a variety of hashish that have been valued and grown for countless ages in Nepal and the surrounding areas. To get a highly concentrated final product, growers painstakingly separate THC trichomes from other undesirable plant material, such hairs or pistils. Before the curing process, Charas Temple Hash Balls require over 20 hours of painstaking, labor-intensive hand-collecting. These hash balls must be patiently cured for weeks in order to achieve a smooth and powerful flavor profile and a deeper, more potent high. Charas Temple Hash Balls have a strong high and are reminiscent of pure, imported hashish from the 1980s and 1990s. Charas Hash is highly strong in THC and can include upwards of 55%-80% on average, with some sources claiming that it also contains higher than normal levels of CBD thanks to the painstaking and rigorous procedure that extracts the most resinous trichomes with the least amount of plant waste as possible! Charas Hash from this region is renowned for its nice and hearty scent and flavor profile and is derived from native landrace strains including Kerala Gold, Malana Cream, and others. The distinctive earthy base of Charas Temple Hash Balls’ rich aroma is well-known, and it also has hints of dry cedar-like woodiness and soft, creamy undertones. Our Charas Temple Hash Balls are marked with the Tree of Knowledge seal of approval and offered in 14g and 28g weights.

Charas Temple Hash Balls
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