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Afghani Red Wrap Hash


28 grams

For the individuals who need higher portions and utilize quicker acting ‘conveyance’ techniques to take their item. This is Afghani ‘Red Wrap’ Hash and is average in that has a solid yet at the same time flexible consistency. The ‘red wrap’ alludes to the red clear paper that the huge square hash comes enclosed by. Afghani hash is hand-squeezed from little, rugged indicas.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash Details

Smell: Spicy

Taste: Spicy, fairly unforgiving on the throat. This hash can prompt hacking in unpracticed clients.

Consistency: Stiff however malleable.

Effect: A exceptionally physical and stony high.

Potency: Typical intensity for Afghani Hash which runs about half 65% THC. The high requires around 5 minutes to arrive at it’s maximum capacity.

Afghani Red Wrap Hash